There is a really good reason people are crazy for BINGO... $CASH WINNERS! The lucky charms, the dot blotters, the anticipation and excitement of yelling out, “BINGO!!!” It’s all part of the fun and we feel great about sharing the winning purse dollars between BINGO winners and rotating local nonprofit organizations!

$1 per card per round.
$2 for the last black out round.

 Bring your team or join one. Enjoy the heated seats, brews, and tasty eats while rubbing elbows with Bend's smartest smartypants who love trivia. A rotating host comes up with six questions in six different categories.  

Whether you are a seasoned performer or a nervous, yet brave amateur musician, this open mic welcomes you and everyone in between.  Covers, originals, instrumentalists or poets.  Tell a joke, do a dance, what ever is clever!  Hosted by local artist / poet/ rapper/entertainer MOsley WOtta. 

We are proud to be a venue for weekly live music, centered mostly on local bands, duos and singer songwriters.  Our small seating area creates an intimate setting to appreciate local musicians and occasional touring artists who come to share their heart and soul through music.   


Live music schedule