Greek Street food truck owner, Johnny Mehas made a goal to own his own Greek restaurant when he was 16 years old.  He was inspired by his godfather who owned Mad Greek Deli in Portland, as well as, his lineage of 100% Greek heritage and family recipes. By the year 2000, Johnny’s dream came true and he opened the doors to Demetris Greek American Cuisine on the eastside of Bend.  He had a good run with Demetris Deli until the recession hit in 2009, when he decided to close the doors. Luckily, he already had the street vending side business going so he didn’t miss a beat, transitioning to run his business as a mobile food vendor. Now, branded as Greek Street, Mehas has been serving authentic Greek food in Bend for 20 years, making him one of the longest established street food businesses in Bend.

The Greek Street food truck, affectionately nick named, “Big Red”, has lots of personality and is parked 7 days a week at The Lot.   Customers order from a simple menu of authentic Greek street food.   Choose from chicken, beef or lamb gyros with an option to add the famous garlic Romano fries.  Also, find vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options as Mehas strives to have a choice for everyone to enjoy food from Greek Street.  The house baklava can satisfy your sweet tooth too. 

Johnny Mehas loves what he does and you can taste that love in the traditional house-made Tzatziki sauce, a family recipe straight out of his mom’s cookbook.   So when you get a craving for authentic Greek street food, be a hero and go get a gyro!